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Gilly Hicks is a lingerie brand owned by Abercrombie & Fitch, specializing in women's intimates and loungewear. It competes primarily with Victoria's Secret, Victoria's Secret PINK, and Aerie (an intimates spinoff of American Eagle Outfitters).

Anyeliza, an angry customer mentioned, "My experience with Gilly Hicks was really bad. I ordered from their online website and when the clothes arrived it was disappointing. Everything was larger than the size I picked ."


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"boring, long, boring, scheduling was not as flexiable, people were meh"


"unorganized, terrible management. basically they will hire anyone thats pretty. spray way too much perfume in the store. and turns some lights on please."

Former Employee - Model/Sales Associate says

"First and utmost - the pay is the minimum wage of your state. Standing on hardwood floors for hours with thin flip flops also will take its toll on your feet over time. They make you buy a new uniform for every new season of clothing. Management was rude and obsessed with ratings rather than helping around the store, or training employees. Some girls were nice, but the type that work here I found tended to be catty and superficial. Considering the pay, there are much better jobs out there to dedicate your time to."

Greeter says

"The girls were extremely catty"

Former Employee - Impacter says

"Managers have no clue how to run a store The company is more worried about employees stealing than properly training them"

Former Employee - Model/Sales Associate says

""Strongly encourage" (e.g force) you to buy their overpriced clothing, shallow management, working endless hours without earning a living wage, the list goes on and on"


"8 hrs a week - only covered the gas back and forth, had to call a list of 200 girls to cover your shift even though they have call aheads scheduled, no nail polish"

Former Employee - Model/Sales Associate says

"- Minimum wage - Forced to spend money on discounted uniform (I was forced to spend £80 on my uniform on my orientation day) - Management promote favouritism - Favourites get the best rooms i.e cash desk, fitting rooms or two front rooms, if you are hated you get the sale rooms, I once saw an "impact girl" cleaning the toilets - apparently they save money on cleaners by forcing "impact" staff to do the cleaning. - Minimal shifts - 0 hour contracts - call in shifts (you have to be available to work even though you're not guaranteed a shift). - False and pretentious working environment - Look book promotes discrimination - no big braids, unnatural coloured hair, makeup, painted nails etc - Uniform is unacceptable - skimpy shorts and top with flip flops"


"-no thought is put into making the schedule, they either give hours to favorites or give certain shifts to new people who don't know how the store works yet. -never get enough information during 5 minute meeting but they expect you to know everything -ratio of boys:1 to 10 -managers don't know what they're doing, I asked my store manager a question and she just said I don't know and walked away. -not respectful towards employees -literally force you to go on break -instead of having a few people work there who know what they are doing they are ALWAYS hiring -people don't take the job seriously -no opportunity to grow in the company unless you have a Bachelors -$8/hr forever. -ugly, uncomfortable uniforms -can possible get written up for the stupidest reasons -some people that work there are not the brightest -give you way too much work that cannot be done in the amount of time allotted"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"management lacking, discrimination, no room for growth"

Brand Representative/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"DO NOT APPLY HERE (CERRITOS MALL LOCATION). I applied to Gilly Hicks some time in September or October. I aced the interview. I turned down another job because of it. TERRIBLE DECISION. DO NOT BOTHER APPLYING HERE. Orientation was during the second or third week of October. I HAVE NOT WORKED SINCE AND NEITHER WAS I PAID FOR THE ORIENTATION. They gave me some BS excuse as to why I haven’t been scheduled yet. “We can’t guarantee our new associates any hours.” Keep in mind that these people said only two people usually work per shift (the manager and one other associate). That’s ridiculous! They also joked that during the holiday season we were going to get scheduled so much to the point we would get tired of them…meanwhile, that has YET to happen. They have a group chat on GroupMe for reminders and communication purposes. I removed myself from the chat and deleted my account because there was no point staying. Not to mention, they expect you to work at Hollister or Abercrombie if you can. Half the time whenever those stores need an extra associate you have to be experienced in shipping/stock, which I‘m not so I could never take those shifts. I applied to Gilly Hicks — NOT Hollister or Abercrombie. I get that those are our “sister” companies, but how do they expect you to get comfortable with everyone and your job duties if you’re going back and forth. This leads me to my NEXT complaint: team bonding. The managers scheduled a potluck during the weekend of Black Friday, but guess what? ONLY THE ASSOCIATES SCHEDULED THOSE DAYS GOT THE OPPORTUNITY TO BRING/EAT FOOD AND “BOND”"

Retail Associate (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to be employed at. Managers dont do work. your co workers play around and wait till last minute to get there work done. the hardest part of the job was folding and picking up after everyone that slacked off. I have no enjoyable moments with this company."

Part-time Impact (Former Employee) says

"Its good if your based around the area they want you to work but management in that company is poor and give you a lot of work to do. Its zero hour contract and sometimes during one shift they don't give you breakdiscountsUnnessary work load"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"You get paid so little and are expected to make everything look perfect. Managers are constantly on top of you if your zone is messy even if you just fixed it and a customer touched it. Its so dark that you can barely see. As a cashier, it was hard for me to distinguish the money from how dark it was.Always give you a lunch breakIts dark, get paid very little"

Model/Greeter (Former Employee) says

"I was excited to work for Gilly Hicks. However, the pay was no go, i did not receive a great job experience at Gilly Hicks. The job was not challenging enough for me.short breaks, music, boring"

Impact Team Member (Former Employee) says

"The managment that they had there was so wrong. They mainly did what they wanted and never really listened to what (we) the employees had to say. They did more sitting around tending to other things more then managing there store. That store wasn't all it was set out to be in the co-workers were all very nicethe managment wasn't good at all"

Impact Member/Stock Associate (Former Employee) says

"This was my first job while I was in college and I had a lot of fun working here. It was very unfortunate that the store closed down. It was a great part-time job."

Stock Associate (Former Employee) says

"Not very fun. Spent most of the time folding and restoring shelves. Send a lot of time on your feet walking and standing. Must know where to find things in the front and back of store."

Model/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Everyday I would come in check in to see if there were any promotions currently in the store. I would fold clothes and make sure everything was nice and tidy. I would also work the cash register and fitting rooms. I also did bra fittings. The worst thing was keeping a section tidy and someone coming in messing it up. The best was getting discounts and free uniform, close to home, easy joblow pay, poor management, disorganized"

sales impact (Former Employee) says

"the store is a okay place to work but not for a living.. the work you may do there is not a lot its farely easy but the managers are not fare with raises or hours."

Cashier/Model (Former Employee) says

"It was an easy going job. wasn't too hard, i learned to use the cash register and my customer service improved. Hardest part of the job was when id just stand in the front greeting people for 4 hours straight. It was tough on your feet and it was always freezing there and you were required to only wear flip flops. Most of the co-workers were very nice but there was too much gossip in the store. Most enjoyable part was talking to customers.very easyshort breaks, very little hours"

Model (Former Employee) says

"I was really excited when I got the call saying I got the job as a model in Gilly Hicks. However I've come on here to tell the truth. I too searched the web for all the information I could about working at Gilly Hicks and everything I found was people saying 'it's so fun!' 'I love working there!'. My personal opinion is a lot different. I found they don't really care about their employees at all, they'll give shifts to people who don't want them and none to the people who do, 'call-ins' are rediculous, they'll make you stand in the same spot for hours on end without being allowed to walk around so major back ache!, you forget to tag line one person and they act like you've never done it since working there, they genuinely won't have anything for you to do so most of the time you'll be allocated to clean something and make it last as long as possible.. Knowing someone's more than likely been cleaning that exact same thing an hour ago. Basically my experience consists of me literally standing in rooms having to pretend to fold the same thing over and over again for 4 hours straight. Plus they'll have like 5 managers in at a time and all they do is gossip and eat. They employ new people constantly as well so that explains why models aren't really an asset to them, because hey.. They can just replace you. HOWEVER, I think this job would suit someone who's in education great! If youre studying and want to earn some extra cash this would definitely benefit you.. You don't have to do anything so you'll be saving energy and you're basically getting paid for havingTelling people you work thereWorking there"

model (Former Employee) says

"The store I worked at was usually very busy, there were a lot of workers. Management was poor a lot of the time, ex: they would have the bare minimum workers, one girl at the door, one in fitting rooms/ cash register, and one folding clothes. Other times they would have 1-2 girls per room when barely any customers were coming in. They also claim to be very flexible, but when something comes up like a sickness, they aren't very understanding, and threaten you with a write up if you can't find a replacement on time. I may be mistaken, but I thought there were people on-call so that they could take the place of people who've had an emergency, or if the store became busier than expected. I understand that you would deserve a write up for ditching work because you forgot about another event, because that's your responsibility. But in the case of an ailment, I think that's a little harsh. Also, if you close up your availability for personal reasons, sometimes they will come up to you when you're working/ call you and pressure you to open up availability. The reason I say boring is that if you're given a 4 hour shift with no break, you'll be stuck in the same position, such as fitting room the entire time which can be extremely tedious. They also blatantly favor some employees over others. Some girls are always given a position on the register, and some always greet, where some always get placed in the fitting rooms. Another example was when an employee and I were talking about something, a manager came up and completely ignored me, but lectured the girl I was talking to and"

Impact Team Member (Former Employee) says

"my first job. Wasn't what i expected. I hated it but needed the money"

Impact Stock Team Member (Former Employee) says

"They hardly gave any hours, and when they did it was 4 hour days every couple weeks."

Working night shift/Sales assistant (Former Employee) says

"working with gilly hicks was very nice and I met a lot of people from different background and different languagesless hoursQuite place"

Inventory Clerk (Former Employee) says

"I mainly worked in the stock room, which was great for me. I learned how to use certain tools to determine what as out on the floor and what was not."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This job requires you to just give good customer service along with strictly representing the brand. The management was fairly small, but yet unconnected to the sales associates and other employees. There was a large staff at this job, which was good for when you needed a shift to be covered, but bad when trying to communicate and make connections. Most of the other female associates were unfriendly and inconsiderate as well. The hardest part of the job was standing in one room ALONE for multiple hours, because there was not much to work on or keep myself entertained/busy. The most enjoyable part of the job was having a the title of a Gilly Hicks "Model".Experience, discounts, uniformstaff, pay rate, location"

impacting (Former Employee) says

"Regular day working at Gilly Hicks is nice when it comes to the environment. Nice music, setting for the clothes, and grate customer service. Hardest thing about the job is putting in all the effort you can with low income. Most enjoyable part of working at Gilly Hicks is seeing all the sales you in food courtshort brakes, and low income"

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"In order to work at this establishment you had to conform to how they wanted you to look, whether it was what make up to wear what clothes to wear, what body type to have, how you spoke how you acted. They expected you to be a lifesize doll for girls to emulate that was unrealistic.lunch breaks in the mall at the food court and discount of clothesunrealistic expectations of looks and size/body type"

NM says

"£9 return fee!!!!!!!!!!!! Crap quality clothing!!!!!!"

Rebecca Escombe says

"I have placed an order and several of the items are bad quality and the sizing is off. I have tried to get in touch in three different ways but none of these have been successful during opening hours. The company profits from the online returns policy which seems wrong (especially when considering I am too ill to go into a store). If returning an item at your own cost it has to be shipped to a different country. I will be advising people to not shop with you."

M A says

"Item got missing in the past. Not my fault.. had issues but got them resolved. Now again i had missing parcel! They’re refusing to send replacement or refund and apparently I am not allowed to order ever again from their website.. £110 gone! I am trying to get this resolved via Klarna. Stay away from this company. I am upset and shocked.."

amelia burman says

"Really disappointed in Hollister. I have been ordering from them for years. Before, with previous orders I had one parcel go missing, no problem got a refund. Then two other parcels an item was missing from each, no problems replacements were sent. My partner ordered me some birthday presents but the shower gel in the box had exploded, so he contacted them. He was told they will refund, to then get a new email stating that because we’ve had 3 refunds/replacements to this address they can not refund and can no longer ship to my address? FOREVER! What on Earth? How is it my fault that a parcel has gone missing in the past and items have been missing? Really really upset, as I order from them quite regularly:(. And the shower gel was binned can’t really keep something that’s gone everywhere. Looks like they’ve lost a loyal customer as there store is no where near me, so I don’t want to have to travel to pick up my orders (they told me to order I have to pick up from store or order to a different address). Absolutely ridiculous. And we’ve lost out on nearly £5. Warning to everyone on missing items - it’s seen as your fault after 3 times of refunds/replacements.."

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